Executive Coach & Trainer

Jessica Slijkhuis is a senior corporate and executive coach, mother, facilitator, teacher and leader. In all of these roles, her life's goal is to bring pleasure, courage, leadership, presence and inspiration to individuals, teams and organizations. As a coach and facilitator, she always looks at what is needed at the time to achieve her clients' goals and to serve their authentic leadership, uniqueness and ingenuity at its best.
Her way of working can be described as compassionate and passionate, curious, intuitive, open and inspiring, but also courageous and sharp as a knife when needed for her client.
She graduated from the Co-Active Leadership Program, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (cf. CTI) and a Professional Certified Coach (cf. ICF).
Jessica works in English and Dutch.

+31 (0) 654 60 41 20

Heerlenerweg 10
6132 CM Sittard

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