Executive and Team Coach

Iveta is a very experienced holistic senior executive coach who focuses her work on increasing leadership and personal impact of her clients. She engages with advanced, successful, aware, innovative and curious global leaders and multicultural executive teams who inquire about their own effectiveness and growth opportunities.


She supports her clients by helping them to expand their frame of reference so that they can widen their range of choices, contribute to their world authentically and have the impact they desire.


She brings a unique combination of nearly 20 years of multinational corporate experience and 12 years as executive coach to her clients. Iveta has worked with people and companies across cultures and continents.  She lived and worked in several countries of Eastern Europe, Russia, UK and United States.  


In addition, she brings life impacting experience of living in a refugee camp after defecting from a communist regime, and being a first-generation immigrant to the US. An American citizen, married to a Canadian, currently living and working in Prague,  Iveta is a true global citizen.